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Multiplication of community sports teams in the South of Russia

Last year, a team of community sports leaders in partnership with another organization organized a leadership and capacity building training that was wonderful and there were leaders from different cities in the south of the country.
After the training, some leaders received floorball equipment and frisbee discs.

At the moment, the sports programs have begun several cities. The leaders started frisbee and floorball clubs in each of those cities.
This year, the guys plan to open a floorball league in a new region and start sports projects in 3 new cities. We will be organizing a training of sports leadership and coordinating community programs for the local team. We will bring frisbee and football equipment there.

Thank God that new cities are being reached and the community sports programs for young people are multiplying.

Thank you Ball Project for your support!

Ball Project is thankful for our partners all over the world working faithfully in challenging situations to build community, develop young leaders & help children play.

Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in Moldova:

At the end of last year, doors opened in one of the schools in a nearby city.

Despite the covid, the school administration provided a free floorball training room. The school has opened 3 teams and the guys are actively engaged in floorball.

Floorball is a new sport and a good tool for mentoring and developing youth and young leaders.
We are also hosting a floorball camp

Ball Project is thankful for our partners around the world working faithfully to develop faithful young leaders & help children play.

Floorball is a great sport. Here is an short but encouraging update from one of our partners in Ukraine:


ukraine floorball 1.2020

It’s our message….

We bring a difference in daily life of kids and parents, in social life of participants of our clubs, in the mental and spiritual life of all peoples who touch our programs…

The last few months were very busy: we had the education for coaches (45 participants) and a lot (7) of tournaments for kids.

Ball Project is thankful for all of our partners working hard to help their communities & to help children play!

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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