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Here are a few beautiful pictures of some beautiful children from one of our partners in Guatemala:


Santiago Transforming Lives Center is located in an indigenous area, serving 100 kids weekly providing food twice a week, sport and mentoring.

kidsgames in Guatemala 2017

bw kids chasing in Guatemala

Ball Project is thankful for our partners around the world faithfully working to build communities & help children play.

After 2 weeks of Ball Project visits in Asia, I am in Florida for a week of meetings with Ball Project partners from Uganda, Jamaica, Nepal, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Dominica, Romania, Niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya & beyond.

Ball Project is a resource partner with funding for balls (obviously) & essential equipment such as goals, nets, pumps & so forth. We also do our best to connect our partners with coaching & programming experts to help them accomplish their goals in the communities where they work.

Partnerships are simply two or more people or groups working together as a team to accomplish a common vision or goal. Partnerships of this sort are working relationships. Relationships are built over time on trust, communication & shared experiences.

Face to face time is always special. Hearing project & personal updates & learning more about what is working & what isn’t working helps all of us to stay focused & productive. Sometimes we talk about projects; sometimes we talk about sports or family. The important thing is simply talking & listening & getting to know each other better so that we have a better understanding of each other & open lines of communication & growing trust.

For Ball Project & our partners the common goal is to help children by helping children play.

Ball Project is very grateful for our wonderful partners working in challenging situations, usually underfunded & under-resourced simply investing in the children & young people in their communities.

Girl in Chennai India with a soccer ball

Girl in Chennai India with a soccer ball

Ball Project works with several sports leadership schools around the world.

At a sports leadership school, individuals learn to develop sports programs that can benefit their communities & young people through exercise & development of personal character & leadership skills.

Ball Project sponsors a ball for each graduate so they are able to go home & immediately put into practice the principals & skills they have learned at the school.

The sooner they can practically help kids by helping kids play the better.

Here is an update from Guatemala about what can start from 1 volleyball.


Ball Project at the Reintegration Center for youth is run weekly, on Thursdays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Volleyball and the reading of an inspirational leadership book. The director accepted the idea happily. This project started with one ball, the volleyball I received for my project plan at the sports school in South Africa.

About 145 boys come each week.


We are very grateful for our partners around the world & how they help kids by helping kids play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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