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Ball Project is thankful for our partners around the world working week in-week out to help children play.

One of our partners in South India sent us this short report:

10 friends from Chennai recently traveled to a district named Tirrupur in southern India.

They helped in serving through volleyball clinics and playing games.

We were also able to provide balls and share values to build each of them in sport and in life.

Volleyball Clinics in southern India

Here is a great short update from one of our South African partners:

The work in the community is growing in the number of children joining soccer and the transformation of lives is taking place. A child who was unable to kick a ball today is a good defender for his team. A Seventeen year old young man is now coaching the young children of 7 to 9 years. The work in the community is bringing excitement and hope.

South African boy at a soccer clinic

South African boy at a soccer clinic

Ball Project is making an impact in our community by uniting children of different languages playing in one team and one ball.

We are thankful for our partners working day in & day out in communities around the world to help children play. & we are thankful to play our small part helping communities around the world.

Here is a bit of an update from one of our partners in Argentina:

“In Córdoba we are teaching soccer classes to children and youths on a football field that used to be a garbage pit. The field is located in one of the toughest areas in Córdoba characterised by high levels of crime and consumption of drugs.

We meet 4 times a week with different groups. At the beginning of each class we teach values and lifeskills. Although it sometimes looks like the lessons aren’t really ‘sinking’ and producing changes in their behaviour we are happy to see some fruits.

I remember B for exemple who had been behaving terribly the other day. He even took off with one of our soccer balls. At the start of the next class he inmediately wanted to talk to me in private and asked for forgiveness. It struck me that he took the initiative to talk to me. 

Thanks for the soccer balls!! They are a huge blessing.”

Ball Project balls at work in Cordoba, Argentina

Ball Project balls at work in Cordoba, Argentina

Ball Project is very grateful for our amazing partners & supporters for helping children by helping children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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