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Bloomington to Brazil - Brazilian boy with a Ball Project ball

Bloomington to Brazil – Brazilian boy with a Ball Project ball

Here is a short update from a group from Bloomington, Indiana that went to Brazil to help some local groups working in their communities:

We all wanted to thank you for your donation to us for the soccer balls and equipment we took down to Brazil…. We left half of them with a small church in the slums we worked with for most of the week and sent the rest to another church in Rio with an after school program.

We packed down over a dozen balls, three pumps, 2 goals, cones, and colored jerseys into one Adidas duffel bag.

New soccer balls for Brazil

New soccer balls for Brazil

“One night, before we had started our life skills and life values study with the kids, we had some down time and I decided it was time to test these little Brazilians’ soccer skills. Me and a small army of kids made our way to the soccer field across the street and played soccer for over an hour in the pouring rain. It is one of the coolest memories I have of the trip.” –J F, Indiana University Sophomore

Hoosiers in Brazil with Ball Project ball & Brazilian kids

Hoosiers in Brazil with Brazilian kids

Ball Project is grateful for our partners near & far who help children by helping children play.


Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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