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1 More Child empowers children vulnerable children in Jinja, Uganda through games, education & mentoring.

In March 2014 Ball Project made a grant to 1 More Child so that they could buy soccer balls for their youth sports programs.

In March 2015 1 More Child sent copies of receipts for the soccer balls that they had bought in Europe & then volunteers had brought with them only this month.


Sorry this has taken me so long to send to you, but this is one of two invoices as proof your donation went on footballs!  Thank you so much and the boys are now well stocked with the right sized balls.  We had a long time with no visitors, but suddenly had two lots last week. 

Thank you so much for your amazing generosity and please know that there is great joy on the football field! 

Many thanks!


Partnerships are based on relationships. Relationships are based on time + shared experiences. & effective communication is the lifeblood of partnerships.

All of these things take time. Sometimes it takes a year to get soccer balls where they need to go. & that is fine.

We are grateful for our partners around the world & their work to serve their communities & to help children by helping children play.

1moreChild has 200 children from 6-18yrs old in their programme. They also have 120 visiting children at their open football sessions (Monday girls, Tuesday boys). They have six football training sessions per week and then matches at the weekend. Their children are also involved in school football teams. Four recently represented their school team out of over 1000 children at a tournament in Mbale.

We got introduced to 1moreChild through our friends at The Source Cafe in Jinja.

Thanks to 1moreChild & The Source Cafe for helping children by helping children play.

1moreChild penalty shootout

1moreChild penalty shootout


Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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