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Here is an encouraging update about the mountain biking program from one of our partners, Prochorus,  in South Africa:

Prochorus q2 2018 cycling team pic

Some of the things I can mention about our Jonkershoek Cycling Project, is that I am glad to see our cycling project leader having a really deep connection with the kids on the team. He understands them so well and connects on a very personal level with their circumstances and can therefore align his life lessons and mentoring to be extremely relevant.

We are very glad to have a strong group of girls participating (varying between 6 and 10). We have a very special lady volunteer that does a lot of effort with them and mentors them on a deep level. Besides the cycling training and skills sessions, she has a mentoring group where they discuss things on a more focused and personal level.

The whole team consists of about 18-20 kids, but the quality of influence and leadership is excellent.

We are very grateful for the support from Ball Project. Thank you!

Ball Project supports lots of different kinds of community based sports & fitness program to  equip coaches & to community leaders to help children play & achieve their full potential.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners around the world working through sports & games to help children play.

Here is a wonderful update from our partner Prochorus in South Africa:

Mountain biking team 2017

The Prochorus Development Cycling and Whole Life Coaching project, is aimed at serving the kids and youth of the poor community in Jonkershoek, which has almost no other activities to develop them and stimulate them. We have riding sessions every weekday afternoon with various groups, including girls. There are also mentoring times in small group session outside the normal cycling activities. Over weekends there are often cycling events where they get to test their skills and fitness against outside competition and be motivated towards their goals, self discipline and dedication, which are part of the life skills they learn.

2017 Prochorus girls mountain biking

Ball Project is thankful for all of our partners working in their communities to help children play.

Here is a great update from one of our partners in Stellenbosch, South Africa near Cape Town:

Prochorus is connected to the Shofar Christian Church and we are the main vehicle through which the church takes care of the poor. For this reason we aim to plant Prochorus branches at all the Shofar church venues.

Since the needs in these different communities are very different and projects could take many different forms, we are not bound by any one means in serving. Sport and balls are one of the small ways which we use to connect with community members, form projects and help people in their different needs. Currently we only have one projects specifically focused on one sport which uses balls and that is our Netball Project in Jonkershoek (Stellenbosch).

We used to help a soccer team in Kayamandi (Stellenbosch) with equipment and the idea was to follow through with whole life coaching. We decided to put this project on hold as there are too many other projects in the Stellenbosch area which require our attention and that timing is bad to try and grow this into a proper project. There are also enough organizations in Stellenbosch which focus on soccer and we are trying to link that soccer team which we were supporting up with one of the other groups.

Our Netball team is doing very well. They have participated in the Boland Netball League for the last two years which gave them much more depth as a team. With our great coach who used to be a player on the Univerity of Stellensch team and studied coaching, the life coaching of the players along with the sport coaching was a major success. She, along with the players have made much effort into developing the team and the project to make a real and lasting impact into the lives of the team members.

We are excited about the possibilities and potential there is for sports in impacting communities and individuals for the community transformation. We pray for provision in capacity to enable us to grow this resourceful vehicle to make more meaningful impact.

Prochorus Netball Clinic in Stellenbosch

Prochorus Netball Clinic in Stellenbosch / Photo: June Joubert

As always, Ball Project is thrilled to play a small part in the mission of our partners as they help kids play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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