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Here is an short but encouraging update from one of our partners in South India:

On behalf of the sports organization here in India, we have had a tremendous season of multiplying sports clinics in communities around the city by focusing much on volleyball and soccer.


We have been able to provide soccer equipment for close to 10 teams to play in the state run leagues. Volleyball equipment to government schools with no resources etc.


Many young boys are being benefit through this provision which is in turn helping them listen to life changing values.


Thank you for this opportunity to serve!

Ball Project is thankful for all of our donors & advisors who empower our partners to help children play!

Here is a brief update from one of our partners in Romania:

Football Juggling in Romania

We are now in the planning and preparation phase of organising 2 sport camps for summer. It is a big step of faith for us to multiply the Sport Plus camp here in Romania. One camp is for teens age 15-18 , and the other one is for pre-teens age 13-15. The camps are for boys and girls.

I continue mentoring one to one serving professional athletes that I know and coaches.

For future we will need more equipment to use in our camps, especially if we multiply the camps.

Thank you!

Ball Project is thrilled to provide balls & equipment to help children play & help our partners expand their work to help their communities.

Here is a short update from the fantastic LYN House based here in Indianapolis, Indiana.


LYN House provides tutoring for children and youth Kindergarten – 8th grade.

Our students have been arriving 30 minutes prior to tutoring starting. We decided to use this extra time to provide exercise and nutrition lessons. We received a grant to provide yoga on Tuesdays and nutrition lessons every other Thursday. On the alternate Thursdays we provide a exercise time using ball equipment and circuit equipment.

The Ball Project grant allowed us to purchase some equipment for this time. We also used the funding to buy some fun board games that can be earned to play during tutoring. We have also used these games on days when kids don’t have homework for our Kid’s Club program.

LYN House board games

LYN House has also been a great partner with The Viewfinder Project‘s photography program & their mission to help kids of all ages “see life differently.”

LYN House is similar to many Ball Project partners around the world in that they are a small locally focused organization serving children & the community faithfully.

As always, Ball Project is thankful for our partners, like LYN House, that faithfully work to help children play & achieve their full potential.



Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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