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I am on a 2 week trip to visit Ball Project partners, projects & potential partners in India, Nepal, Malaysia & Singapore.

These trips are always exhausting & encouraging. & they are a great way to continue to grow, learn, network & build our relationships & trust with our partners.

Any thoughts, well wishes, prayers &/or good vibes sent my way will be most appreciated.

4 soccer players in Chennai, India

4 soccer players in Chennai, India

Kids in Nepal playing soccer

Kids in Nepal playing soccer

Ball Project is very grateful for our wonderful partners around the world working hard to help children by helping children play.

From time to time I get to talk with people about working together effectively.

One of the key principles of effective partnering (& life) is realizing that working together is messy.

This is obvious, of course. People & organizations are different & have different histories, values, languages, beliefs & cultures.

One simple example of these differences is that the word “Messy” does not really translate that well outside of the USA. When I say working together (& living together) is “Messy”, I am trying to communicate that working (& living together) together is potentially complicated, frustrating, baffling & confusing & constantly changing.

So, in an attempt to communicate effectively & be a good partner, I have taken to substituting “Dynamic” for “Messy”.

Life is like that too. If life is anything it is dynamic…. unpredictable, changing, maybe even an adventure.

This past week has been a non-stop exercise in watching life be dynamic (with the occasional mess).

I have been trying to prepare for a 2 week trip to visit Ball Project partners in Asia. I have been getting many things done, some urgent & some important, but I don’t feel like I have been getting prepared for a 2 week trip that is rapidly approaching.

But that is life. Life & working together is dynamic & too often messy & most certainly an adventure. & somebody said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making plans.”


Several years ago in Africa Ball Project trained a group on how to build effective partnerships. Part of that partnership training was to give each training participant $20 & a soccer ball so that they could go home & start a small project & partnership.

Ball Project recently made a grant to one the participants from that training from Vietnam.

In response, our friend & partner in Vietnam shared a story about how they implemented Ball Project in their own fashion at their trainings.


Thank you so much for this gift. Your Ball Project is truly a great project.

In Vietnam, 2010, L-one of our coaches was given a ball after a training with Sports Friends’ team. He went back to start a team of children in his village, gather them to play in his own garden every afternoon. He applied what he learned from our training, teaching the kids and developing their character. Few months later, the ball was broken. However, his home (located on a highland area) is too far from the city and he also could not afford to buy a new ball, so L decided to cut the ball, put banana leaves in and glue it back. The kids still played with that banana leaves’ ball another few months until he went to one of our regional leader meeting (L shared his story and P, one of our leaders gave him another new ball).

We very much appreciated your special gifts.


Ball Project is grateful for our partners around the world working to serve their communities & to help children by helping children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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