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1 More Child empowers children vulnerable children in Jinja, Uganda through games, education & mentoring.

In March 2014 Ball Project made a grant to 1 More Child so that they could buy soccer balls for their youth sports programs.

In March 2015 1 More Child sent copies of receipts for the soccer balls that they had bought in Europe & then volunteers had brought with them only this month.


Sorry this has taken me so long to send to you, but this is one of two invoices as proof your donation went on footballs!  Thank you so much and the boys are now well stocked with the right sized balls.  We had a long time with no visitors, but suddenly had two lots last week. 

Thank you so much for your amazing generosity and please know that there is great joy on the football field! 

Many thanks!


Partnerships are based on relationships. Relationships are based on time + shared experiences. & effective communication is the lifeblood of partnerships.

All of these things take time. Sometimes it takes a year to get soccer balls where they need to go. & that is fine.

We are grateful for our partners around the world & their work to serve their communities & to help children by helping children play.

Here is another update from another partner in Nigeria.

Dreams Alive Academy Nigeria teams 12.2014

Dreams Alive Project Nigeria teams 12.2014

Dreams-alive Project is a multifaceted community based organization working among disadvantaged people in Nigeria with focus on youth and children.

Part of our effort to bring hope is using the opportunity that sports provides us to engage children and young people in life transforming training sessions on the field of play. We run academies (Dreamster Academy) in 3 communities; Masaka, Orozo and Angwan Ahmadu. We currently have 150 kids in these locations. We train Monday – Friday, setting aside Wednesdays for life discovery sessions.

We have a kid at our Masaka center, who is 14 years. He is such a notorious kid in their neighbourhood such that no one wants to associate with him. He leads a gang of other teenagers who were much older than him, and their pride trade is breaking into peoples homes to steal and beat up any one who tries to reason with them. Somehow he found his way to train with other kids at our academy. Today, there is a miraculous transformation in his life as he has broken free from his old friends and has stopped all the vices with which he was known. His parents had previously given up on him but now, he is a “changed child” as attested to by his parents.

He is just one among the many stories of change taking place in the lives of the young people that we engaged with through our work in the communities we are present.

We also engage church and community leaders through training on how too effectively use sports as a tool for transforming lives and communities.

The balls we get from Ball Project have greatly contributed in no small measure in making our work much more impactful. Doors were opened to us, relationships were developed, trust was built and lives being transformed. Thanks for helping us to learn, work and grow.

We are grateful for our partners around the world helping children by helping children play.



Here is an update from one of our partners in Nepal. They also help serve as a great resource for our partners in Bangladesh and Bhutan.


Kids in Nepal playing soccer

Kids in Nepal playing soccer

On behalf of our team in Nepal, I would sincerely like to thank you for the partnership you have provided for our team. Previously, your support had opened many new opportunities for our young children as well as help developed their sports skills and character. Your contribution had enabled many children and youths to participate in many distinguished tournaments, leadership seminars and training, and these events had broaden their discipline and character on and off the field, which is invaluable to their future endeavors. Besides, your contribution was also used to purchase soccer balls and organizing soccer training for the children of rural area and unprivileged children of Nepal.

Our leadership committee has extended a heart-felt thank you for your contribution and commitment for our Sports Complex. As we continue to grow as a sports organization your partnership and counsel are vital for us and for Nepal. As you are aware we are growing day by day and have been doing lots of sports events and trainings like Football (soccer) training, Basketball training, Major Sports Events, leadership trainings, counseling, sports material publication and many more. It has served different churches, communities, schools, colleges, local clubs, organizations and many other sports council in national and international level.

Ball Project soccer goal in Nepal in action

Ball Project soccer goal in Nepal in action


As always we are very grateful to be able to do our small part. & as always, we are grateful for our amazing partners in every corner of the world helping kids by helping kids play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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