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Here is an amazing update from one of our partners in Nigeria:

In our community impact projects, soccer balls have been our most used tool to access sometimes difficult and restricted communities in rural Africa. For you to access, engage and be accepted by any community, they would want to feel the pulse of your heart; are you doing what you do for any personal gain? Over the years, we have learnt that love speaks to even stony hearts.


Through the platform of Dreams-Alive Project, we have been able to inspire and give expression to the dream of every child i.e. To Play, Learn and Grow.



In a community in Northern Nigeria where the people are in the process of rebuilding their lives and community after the destruction by terrorists, we are working with some community leaders to bring about relief to help remedy their pain. Our core intervention is using sports to engage with the children. The children for over 4 years have not had the opportunity to play any sports as their lives has been revolving around running from place to another. They have soccer balls to play with and we were told how they are experiencing gradual integration back into their community.

Through Ball Project, we have seen our scope expanding to other West African countries: Ghana, Gambia, Togo, Sierra Leone and Niger Republic.


Yonglo community soccer team – Ghana

We are grateful for our partners around the world working diligently to help children play.

Here is a short but encouraging update from one of our partners in Nigeria:

3 boys with 3 balls

3 boys – 3 balls – Nigeria

Hello Ball Project!

 Trust that all around you is peaceful?!

 The last 3 months has been one of the most engaging period in my life. Working in the following countries: South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone and several Nigerian cities.

 Please, I want to request for soccer balls for the sports training school in Nigeria – July 2016. I currently don’t have any soccer balls with me as I have given them away to guys in Angola, Madagascar, Ghana, Sierra Leone and local communities here in Nigeria.

 I want to also request that, if BP can make available soccer balls for Sierra Leone? 

Kids in Tunga Maje, Nigeria with Ball Project balls

Kids in Tunga Maje, Nigeria with Ball Project balls (you gotta love the Lightning McQueen t-shirt & the rare Ball Project backpack)

We are thankful for all of our partners around the world getting balls to community leaders to help kids play!

A friend in Sierra Leone recently sent a heartbreaking update about his work & the situation in Sierra Leone regarding the ebola crisis. He asks for prayers for the victims & families & countries & health care workers.

A wise & practical friend here in the USA asked what we could do to help with the ebola crisis in West Africa.

I contacted Mark Moore, a friend & founder of Mana Nutrition ( To over-simplify things, Mana makes supercharged nutrient-rich peanut butter that can bring starving people back from the brink of death.

Mana is working with Mercy Ships & Convoy of Hope to get food packets to Liberia & Sierra Leone in West Africa.

As we all know, if people don’t have food (particularly of the safe & healthy kind) lots of good can’t happen & lots of bad can.

This is obviously not a perfect solution but it is something we can do & part of a solution.

If you want you can contribute directly to Mana or send a check to:

MANA Nutritive Aid Products
PO Box 763
Matthews, NC 28106

In the memo line/comment line put, “West Africa – Ebola”.


We currently have ~$12,000 committed to Mana for West Africa.

Previously Mana & Ball Project partnered together in Jinja Uganda on a soccer project.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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