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Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in Ukraine:

This is an update on work with our senior group of boys 14-15 years old.

Current season in the youth league the team started well. 4 victories in 4 games created some confidence that helps and needed to players. But 5th game against weak opponent appeared some problems in the team.

During the whole game boys had a number of opportunities to score the goal but didn’t succeed, so they become more and more frustrated. Also the referee said a few bad words before the game towards to our players and during the game he was trash talking towards our team.

So when in the end of the game referee called penalty to our goalpost, some of our players didn’t allow him to do it and even spit on him. It was a shame.

I just came back from the training I did for a professional club on focus on things you can control (motivation, effort etc) and how to not to lose concentration focusing on things that are out of your control (referee, crowd, etc). And the same things appeared with our young players.

So a few days after game we gathered the guys and had nice talk with them analyzing the situation, teaching them to focus on things that they can control and what and how to deal with things that you can’t control. We also spoke not only about football, but also about situation in their school life, in their normal life and how to apply these principles there.

I love football and sport in general because constantly it provides situations and teachable moments where you can teach boys about something bigger and something more important than just how to play football, but teach them something that will influence and change their lives, their achievement not only in football but in other areas of their lives as well.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners around the world working to impact their communities & help children play.

Here is a nice update from one of our partners in India:

Our sport organization Life Sport Academy helped reaching 25 centres and more with value based teaching and training through sport. We used football, volleyball and cricket to help teach values to kids. Overall we reached over 1500 kids with sport and value development.

As a followup, we will use this base to create deeper relationship with the players, their families and their communities and schools. This will be a long process that will go through for a considerable span of time which will help see deep transformation for the player and beyond.

All of the funds we have spent for the sport equipment during this season has been well worth the investment.

Thank you for serving alongside!

Ball Project is thankful for our partners around the world working faithfully to help children play & working to transform lives of young people & communities over the long term.

Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in Ukraine:

team 2018

3 years ago we gathered soccer team of boys of 10 years old. One season we had only practices without games. Next year we participated in league and had 18 games. We lost all 18 games, conceded 102 goals and scored 11. Guys were frustrated but didn’t give up in football. Before next season, we gathered the team and had team talk about goal setting, that it is important for everyone and for team to set up goal and try to achieve it. So we encourage them to set up goals for next season in 3 areas of their lives – at family, at school, at football team. So 2 goals were about individual areas, and 1 goal was about team. And we asked them to write those goals to remember it. But we asked them what goal as a football team you set up together. So guys were talking – we want to win 1 game and 1 draw. We said it is good that you set up such goal but we sure, that you can achieve more so encourage them to lift up expectations of themselves. So guys set up new goal – win 2 games and 2 draws next season. After that every week we had team talk session where we studied book “Pyramid of Success” of John Wooden. So every week we learnt together about hard work, about motivation, about optimism etc. In the end of the season we had 10 games where we won 5, had 3 draws and only lost 2 games. Team went to the final of 8 and finally we became 6th (among 32 teams in that season in different groups).

2018 team play
Another thing. At our academy we have not very strong and skillful players. Skillful players first go to another public soccer schools with better sport infrastructure. But we have younger coaches that love kids and try to teach them football and life skills, and during the process the players improve themselves and become better players.

Not long ago in the city was tournament among public schools. And it was big final where played 6 schools. There was for first time school #20 which is small school and they newer been in that final stage. But last time they got there – because 90% of their players is going to our football academy. So it is sign to us and to players that despite on lack on infrastructure, lack of “very professional” coaches we are able to make children better. Another fact that among 6 teams, 4 teams’s captains was also from our academy. That shows to children and their parents that at our academy children learn not only football, but leadership as well.

We are thankful to supporters of Ball Project for your help in our work. Thank you for your impact through balls and equipment that help us to continue our work with children.

team talk in stadium 2018

It is wonderful to see Coach John Wooden‘s wisdom to continue to impact new generations around the world.

Ball Project is grateful for our partners like Standard Sport working hard  & working faithfully to train coaches, mentor children & help children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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