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A few pictures of Ball Project balls & gear waiting to help kids play in Argentina, India, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda & Zimbabwe.

Principal of R.G. Mugabe Primary School in Marondera, Zimbabwe, receiving balls. (Most of the Musha Wevana children attend RG Mugabe)

SCAS Ball Project balls in the back of Ruby.6.2014


Ball Project Ultimate Frisbees Cape Twon


Ball Project balls Buenos Aires, Argentina

BP Chennai soccer balls & cricket gear 3.2013.2

Shiny new Ball Project soccer balls in Uganda

Soccer balls for Nigerian children



It is amazing to see the power of sport & the power of play uproot people & get them to move across the world to help children play.

This partner is from Belgium but works with kids in South Africa. They are moving full time to South Africa in a few months.

Here is a short update on their work:


We used the donation from Ball Project for our sport camp we set up in South Africa in the township of Tikwana (This is in the Free state province).

We set up a sport camp every year with limited resources, to get the kids off the streets but also encourage, teach and mentor them and just give them an amazing time.


We are also permanently there in a few months and will continue to use the soccer balls, volleyballs and cones we bought then to set up sports programs throughout the year.


Ball Project is thankful for our partners in South Africa, Africa & around the world working (& playing) to help children play.

Here is a fun update from one of our partners in the Cape Town, South Africa area:

Van der Stel FC is our newly formed soccer club competing in the Local Football association league. Practicing twice a week and playing twice a week.

We keep on serving the rural areas of De Doorns, Paarl by developing soccer life coaches for the rural farm kids. Our leadership training in these areas tripled this year and we expect to see a rise in the need to GO in sport and play for all walks of life – preschoolers to young adults.

Devon Valley Primary School Teams
We are also planning to engage with the rugby minded in these areas and hope to get projects started in these areas.

The main focus is the continued development of coaches. We find a whole life coaching strategy very useful and believe the training of heart values to be most important to help the coaches to keep on serving through sport and play.

Ball Project is grateful for all of our partners working to help children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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