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This is a encouraging update from one of our partners in Togo that had a tragic accident last year.

For more than 10 years The Amis du Monde football (Soccer) club in Lome, Togo has given girls at opportunity to play football. It is a Christian based club and participation allows the girls to develop, physically, socially and spiritually. In a country where AIDS is a problem, football gives the girls a positive social activity.

The club provides training, coaching and enables the girls to play matches in local and national competitions. Balls are expensive in Togo and don’t last long on the rough fields – often without grass – where they practice and play. The support of the Ball Project over the years has been a Godsend.

In March 2018 the team was involved in a serious bus crash in which the driver was killed and others were seriously injured. The bus then caught fire destroying all their footballs. With the help of the Ball Project they have now been able to replace the 20 balls which were destroyed.

Ball Project is grateful for our partners working around the world to help children play & overcome accidents & tragedies that hit us all at one point or another.

Here is a very encouraging update from one of our English partners who works on some projects in Togo.

I went to Togo, a small country in West Africa, in 2009, the first of six visits to the country.  Over the years I have supported a man called Aimé, who runs a girls’ football team, called Les Amis. Aimé is football coach, life coach, friend, surrogate father or uncle to the group of girls who play football at a high standard.  In fact, the girls have represented Togo in several international competitions.

TheTogo team

Togo is a poor country and girls’ sport is not highly valued.  It is a constant battle for Aimé and his colleagues to be able to afford to hire training fields, buy the necessary equipment and get the girls to where games are scheduled.  Sometimes girls may not have eaten and Aimé has to provide food before they can train and money to get them home safely if training goes on until dark.


On the hard, rough surfaces that they have to use, balls and football boots wear out quickly. Ironically, good quality balls in Togo cost more than in Western countries were income is much higher.

Training pitch

Running the football team is part of Aimé’s Christian Life, an out-pouring of the love of Jesus on a group of girls.  Through sport the girls improve their fitness, learn teamwork and have positive things to look forward to in a country where life can be hard.


The partnership with the Ball Project has been quite literally a godsend in helping the club to replenish its supply of footballs.

Ball Project is thankful to have wonderful partners working around the world to help children play!

Here is an amazing update from one of our partners in Nigeria:

In our community impact projects, soccer balls have been our most used tool to access sometimes difficult and restricted communities in rural Africa. For you to access, engage and be accepted by any community, they would want to feel the pulse of your heart; are you doing what you do for any personal gain? Over the years, we have learnt that love speaks to even stony hearts.


Through the platform of Dreams-Alive Project, we have been able to inspire and give expression to the dream of every child i.e. To Play, Learn and Grow.



In a community in Northern Nigeria where the people are in the process of rebuilding their lives and community after the destruction by terrorists, we are working with some community leaders to bring about relief to help remedy their pain. Our core intervention is using sports to engage with the children. The children for over 4 years have not had the opportunity to play any sports as their lives has been revolving around running from place to another. They have soccer balls to play with and we were told how they are experiencing gradual integration back into their community.

Through Ball Project, we have seen our scope expanding to other West African countries: Ghana, Gambia, Togo, Sierra Leone and Niger Republic.


Yonglo community soccer team – Ghana

We are grateful for our partners around the world working diligently to help children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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