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Here is a great short update from one of our South African partners:

The work in the community is growing in the number of children joining soccer and the transformation of lives is taking place. A child who was unable to kick a ball today is a good defender for his team. A Seventeen year old young man is now coaching the young children of 7 to 9 years. The work in the community is bringing excitement and hope.

South African boy at a soccer clinic

South African boy at a soccer clinic

Ball Project is making an impact in our community by uniting children of different languages playing in one team and one ball.

We are thankful for our partners working day in & day out in communities around the world to help children play. & we are thankful to play our small part helping communities around the world.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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