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The big idea behind Ball Project is simple: help children play.

Kids that play together won’t kill each other when they grow up.

Ball Project helps get balls & sports equipment to coaches & community leaders around the world.

Ball Project is volunteer led & our partners help kids & communities around the world.

Bloomington to Brazil - Ball Project ball with a Brazilian boy

little kids with lots of balls - children in Brazil playing

Children in Zimbabwe playing with a Ball Project ball


A few pictures of Ball Project balls & gear waiting to help kids play in Argentina, India, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda & Zimbabwe.

Principal of R.G. Mugabe Primary School in Marondera, Zimbabwe, receiving balls. (Most of the Musha Wevana children attend RG Mugabe)

SCAS Ball Project balls in the back of Ruby.6.2014


Ball Project Ultimate Frisbees Cape Twon


Ball Project balls Buenos Aires, Argentina

BP Chennai soccer balls & cricket gear 3.2013.2

Shiny new Ball Project soccer balls in Uganda

Soccer balls for Nigerian children



Here is an encouraging update from one of our friends & partners in Zimbabwe:

A million thanks to the Ball Project for giving us support.

I have coaches I work with on our project. Our project is to keep the young ones busy and away from drugs and abuse.

The coaches are also attached to a school that I assist for the less privileged members of the society.  We focus on soccer, netball and volleyball. We also teach values and life skills and how bad drugs are. Even the kids not at school we try to occupy them.

We also go and do some sporting activities at the orphanage where I am involved.

We are thankful for our partners around the world who do so much, often with so little, to help many different facets of their society. &, obviously, we are grateful they are buys helping kids play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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