Here is a short update from one of our Sports Friends partners in Malawi:

This photo is of the girls netball camp hosted in November. It was a blessed time of togetherness and fun for 2 days in the hot sun.  Over 40 C (104 F) outside but that did not stop the girls from playing and being mentored.  We thank you for your partnership in the work with us as we used 6 of the netballs that we bought from the grant we received.  There were six different netball teams who came to the camp and, at the end of the camp, we were able to give each team a ball to take home for their ongoing programs.  


Ball Project is grateful for our faithful partners around the world working to help kids play.

Indianapolis based Ball Project partner Immaculate Heart of Mary Church partners with Friends of Honduran Children on a work trip each year. This year & last year Ball Project provided balls for them to take on the trip for kids.

Here are a few pictures from the recent trip.




As always, Ball Project is thankful for our partners in Indianapolis & around the world working to help children play.

Why does Ball Project exist? Because every child deserves to play.

Ball Project helps local community leaders around the world buy balls & sports equipment to help children play & develop their full potential.

Here are some pictures from a youth leadership training in North East Nigeria last week, & you can see some Ball Project soccer balls being put to good use for some fun.




Ball Project is thankful for our partners in Nigeria & around the world who work day in & day out to build leaders & communities & help children play!

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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