“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

SCAS Ball Project balls in the back of Ruby.6.2014

  1. What does Ball Project do?
    1. Just one thing. Ball Project helps coaches & community leaders around the world buy balls & sports equipment to help children by helping children play.
  2. How does Ball Project help children play?
    1. Ball Project raises the needed funds & then wires that money to local community leaders around the world. Local community leaders then use that money to buy balls & sports equipment, & lead games, clinics, camps, teams & leagues for young people & adults in their communities.
  3. Why does Ball Project do what they do?
    1. The Ball Project team believes in the power of play to create a world of hope. We believe that children that play together are less likely to fight each other when they grow up. It is Ball Project’s belief that sport & play teach children valuable life lessons such as discipline, teamwork & goal setting. In addition, we believe that sport & play can help children develop self confidence, physical fitness & a love of the outdoors.
  4. Why does Ball Project send money instead of actually sending balls & sports equipment?
    1. Good question. There are several reasons that Ball Project only sends money instead of sending balls & sports equipment.
      i.      Sending money allows local community leaders to buy balls & sports equipment locally which helps their local economies & gives the community leaders more influence in their communities.
      ii.      Gathering & storing balls & sports equipment is very time consuming & expensive administratively.
      iii.      Shipping balls & equipment is very time consuming & expensive administratively.
      iv.      Shipping balls & equipment takes a long time to get the balls & equipment to a project.
      v.      Shipping balls & equipment requires more people-power & logistics than Ball Project currently has.
  5. Is Ball Project looking for more projects around the world?
    1. Ball Project is always looking for energetic community leaders with good projects to help children play, however Ball Project has limited resources, so we may not be able to take advantage of all of the great opportunities & projects that we find.
  6. If I have new or used balls & sports equipment can I give them to Ball Project?
    1. At this time we cannot accept donations of new or used balls or sports equipment unless you are willing to manage & pay for shipping & logistics to send the equipment to a project.
    2. Ball Project suggests you find a school, community center or church that needs equipment & donate your balls & sports equipment locally.