Here is a long but fun update on Ultimate Frisbee development in Eurasia!

Our work is oriented on creating sports teams in Eurasia. We are forming sport teams in different sport directions. We hold sport conferences. We had one conference and a leader returned to his native town and started to play Ultimate Frisbee with some youth. And in short period of time, a team was formed. They appealed to the local government and asked for sports field for training. The government saw the presentation of a new kind of sport and agreed. Due to this presentation of Ultimate Frisbee, a new team in another town was formed. The local government gave a permission to visit local educational institutions to invite youth to come and learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee.

ultimate frisbee 6.2019
When the team from another country went back home, they decided to go on a trip to visit another city, in the South of their country. 5 leaders of the team went along, and for three days they are going out to Central Park to get acquainted with local youth and to learn how to play Ultimate Frisbee. From that trip, another sport team was formed in this town.

field hockey 6. 2019
We were able to have another conference. There were three teams in Ultimate Frisbee from three different cities. There were 30 young men. They got acquainted with each other, played matches in Ultimate Frisbee, made plans, formed common vision and ways of development of sports in the country.

ultimate frisbee equipment 6.2019
Thanks to Ball Project, we were able to buy most needed equipment for trainings in those towns where teams were formed (active and newly formed). We bought practice jerseys, cones, bibs, disks. 8 teams from 3 countries received training sets.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners working around the world to help in sports development, build community & help children play!