Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in the Tampa area of Florida, USA:

When the pandemic hit a year ago it seemed like the whole world shut down.

As a team we tried to think of creative ways to continue to engage our students in fitness online. Unfortunately it didn’t really work. They disengaged with the zoom world and it was hard to build relationships with them when we couldn’t meet in person.

But we felt like we were supposed to continue on. So we offered bodyweight Totalfit fitness classes online and opened it up to our entire community, not just to the students we were trying to mentor. We had several join who had minimal experience to fitness training. Since it was online we had several join from all over the US and even other countries simply to learn the model and strategy we were using with fitness. That group formed a bond that continued past the lockdown restrictions and began meeting in person, and eventually starting using weights and other equipment.

It has been awesome to see the two young adults that had minimal experience persevere and continue with the program even though it was hard and outside their comfort zone, and now voluntarily workout extra days during the week on their own to grow in their overall health. They are even starting to help facilitate the group from time to time.

With us being back in the gym consistently, Ball Project has provided some much needed cardio equipment as well as yoga mats, jump ropes and boxing gloves that are used every week. Not only have I seen significant growth physically in each participant, but there has also been significant mental, emotional and spiritual growth as we are diving into life lessons every week and have even committed to memorizing wise sayings weekly.

One of the members of the group has also decided to use the gym and fitness as a strategy to connect with our homeschool students in the neighborhood and will workout with them 2-3 days a week and study with them afterwards. It has really been a huge blessing to have this space and the equipment provided by Ball Project and can see how this continues to work in all of our hearts to conform us more and more into who we were made to be. Thank you for your gifts and generosity.

Ball Project is thankful for all of our partners working faithfully to build their communities & help children play.