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Thank you from Chile!

We are so blessed to receive help from The Ball Project. Our football program reaches out to the children living in the poorer neighborhoods of Santiago. There is not a lot of green space on this side of town and playing on any field is a financial barrier that the children cannot overcome. Our kids play primarily on the cement futsal courts around town and keeping a quality ball in play is not easy so having a supply of balls is essential to the work.

Through our work at Ambassadors Football International and your kind support, our kids can play!

Our futsal programs help our leaders and coaches to develop relationships with the kids, and in conjunction with the local churches we partner with, begin to mentor and encourage these children. Many of the children, through the futsal programs are now attending church and or our schools where they are learning how to live a life filled with genuine HOPE.

Thank you so much for coming along side of us for so many years. You’re making a difference in Chile!

Ball Project is thankful for our partners like Ambassadors Football in Chile & around the world working faithfully to help children play.

Ambassadors Football are starting a new project as part of our partnership with a local college. Our youth programs will also serve as a platform to provide coaches, students and others at the college that we are training to gain coaching experience and learn how to develop programs themselves when they go back to their towns and villages. We currently train and connect with around 40 coaches who in turn run football leagues for churches and communities, street kids outreach, tournaments and other programs around Senegal. We are working in a challenging context and our heart is to help coaches working with disadvantaged peoples to have a tool which they can use to build relationships through which they can mentor & develop more volunteers & leaders.

This summer we had 2 teams from Northern Ireland spend time with us to help us build momentum towards starting our weekly academy.

Girls football is not that common here but it has been great to see girls coming out to our practices and we hope to start a girls team soon.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners in Senegal, Africa & around the world working faithfully to train coaches, develop young leaders, build communities & help children play.

Ambassadors South Africa were able to train 20+ football coaches in Maputo during June and 20+ football coaches in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa during July. The funds enabled us to buy 40 balls and take them to Maputo for the training and for the coaches to use afterwards. I also bought 20 balls for JBay and left 10 for the coaches to use.

These community coaches were trained to be father figures and whole-life coaches in their communities. We ended each training with a community clinic to reach out to the local community. In total, we had three coaches really commit to the mission, and two make re-commitments. We could impact deeply into their own father’s wounds and help them move towards healing.

Ball Project is thankful to our partners in South Africa & around the world working faithfully to train coaches, build communities & help children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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